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download HTC Home Plugin 2.1 for htc

HTC Home Plugin 2.1

HTC Home Plugin is a plugin that enables you to add a number of additional elements in the window of the globalization of information today with the intention to improve and expand its functionality.

HTC Home plugin you can add a large


download SetVolume 0.7 for htc

SetVolume 0.7

SetVolume is an alternative to the default volume control with which you can modify the volume of your PDA without using the pointer. The program is limited to a volume control display full screen. To increase or decrease the volume simply drag your


download Resco Pocket Radio 1.90 for htc

Resco Pocket Radio 1.90

If your PDA does not have built-in device radio, but you would like to hear your certification Favorites while using it, you may want to Resco Pocket Radio. Resco Pocket Radio is a program that handles connect online to stations with online service. Resco


download Easy Today Launcher for htc

Easy Today Launcher

Easy Launcher is a Today plugin which lets you add icon shortcuts to your programs on the globalization of information today. With Easy Today Launcher you quick access to applications that are frequently used. Simply install and access the options of


download CleanRAM 1.8 for htc

CleanRAM 1.8

The slows your PDA, one of the most common reasons is that the memory devoted to the implementation process is full. One solution is to reboot. Another is to use CleanRAM. CleanRAM is a simple utility that enables you, with a single click, release


download ThrottleLauncher 1.0 RC3  for htc

ThrottleLauncher 1.0 RC3

ThrottleLauncher is a plugin for the globalization of information today that will allow you to customize your own environment for running programs without unsheathe the pointer. The program itself consists of a series of tables that you can add


download Androkkid 1.21  for htc

Androkkid 1.21

Androkkid is an alternative to Windows Mobile environment based on the default environment available on devices with Android operating system. Basically, Androkkid offers the possibility to improve your browsing experience by the environment and the


download Pocket GPS Triphelper Auto-SOS for htc

Pocket GPS Triphelper Auto-SOS

Pocket GPS Triphelper SOS Auto-Dialer is a program designed for your safety. With simple operation, the program automatically sends a text message with the position of your car accident. It then calls the contact that you have specified. When the program


download SPB Mobile Shell 3.5.2 for htc

SPB Mobile Shell 3.5.2

It goes without saying that the differences between Microsoft operating systems are minimal. You only have to compare, for example, Windows Mobile 2003 with the current version. If you're tired of "more of the same" and want to turn around the structure


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