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SPB Mobile Shell 3.5.2

download SPB Mobile Shell 3.5.2

It goes without saying that the differences between Microsoft operating systems are minimal. You only have to compare, for example, Windows Mobile 2003 with the current version. If you're tired of "more of the same" and want to turn around the structure and appearance of your system environment, Spb Mobile Shell is the solution ... ... a spectacular virtual environment that enables you to make a complete turnaround to the default appearance of your PDA. With SPB Mobile Shell, recently renovated, with new features, you can enjoy a much cleaner environment and more defined. Includes a completely restructured globalization of information, much larger icons, a practical tab system options to maximize the role of the plugins from "Today" and other interesting additional features. In short, SPB Mobile Shell is an excellent choice to give an innovative touch to your PDA. Recent changes in SPB Mobile Shell: * Widgets * * Integrated with Facebook3D carousel mode * New visual contact agenda Limitations of trial * Trial Period of 15 days * To use SPB Mobile Shell you'll need: * Operating system: WM5/WM6 Pro / WM 6.1 Pro / WM 6.1 Classic / WM 6.5

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