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ThrottleLauncher 1.0 RC3

download ThrottleLauncher 1.0 RC3

ThrottleLauncher is a plugin for the globalization of information today that will allow you to customize your own environment for running programs without unsheathe the pointer. The program itself consists of a series of tables that you can add shortcut icons to your favorite programs, photos to directly call your contacts and other elements such as, for example, an analog clock, dynamic text fields or a list with the latest applications running. Its environment is designed to be able to run any of the elements included without having to unsheathe the pointer. It has large icons and scrolling to navigate through all the elements of each quadrant. To configure the elements we wish to include in the environment, ThrottleLauncher uses an XML file. Although it is too complicated, the process is somewhat awkward and laborious. To use ThrottleLauncher need: OS: WM5/WM6 Pro

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