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download ThrottleLauncher 1.0 RC3  for htc

ThrottleLauncher 1.0 RC3

ThrottleLauncher is a plugin for the globalization of information today that will allow you to customize your own environment for running programs without unsheathe the pointer. The program itself consists of a series of tables that you can add


download CleanRAM 1.8 for htc

CleanRAM 1.8

The slows your PDA, one of the most common reasons is that the memory devoted to the implementation process is full. One solution is to reboot. Another is to use CleanRAM. CleanRAM is a simple utility that enables you, with a single click, release


download Easy Today Launcher for htc

Easy Today Launcher

Easy Launcher is a Today plugin which lets you add icon shortcuts to your programs on the globalization of information today. With Easy Today Launcher you quick access to applications that are frequently used. Simply install and access the options of


download SPB Puzzle 1.0.1 for htc

SPB Puzzle 1.0.1

SPB Puzzle is a collection of puzzles for touchscreen devices. Intuitive and realistic, SPB Puzzle includes images from up to 10 artworks. Although not too many, the main advantage of SPB Puzzle is that you can download new puzzles from the web or use


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